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Name The name of this organization shall be the Athens State University Young Alumni Advisory Council (YAAC).

Mission The YAAC mission is to:

  • Advise the Alumni Association and University on programs and services for young alums and transitioning/current students;
  • Create and sustain meaningful connections with graduates and transitioning/current students;
  • Emphasize the importance of supporting our Alma Mater with time, expertise, connections and philanthropy;
  • Engage graduates with the Alumni and University calendar of events while involving volunteers in those events;
  • Encourage contact information, career and milestone updates;
  • Collaborate for career networking, continued education opportunities and easing student to graduate transitions;
  • Solicit and involve new Alumni memberships;
  • Suggest and contribute to The Columns and E-newsletter;
  • Serve as unofficial recruiters and convey the mission of Athens State University.

Council membership is open to graduates of the last two decades of Athens State University and its predecessors who hold a current Alumni membership.

The business and affairs of the YAAC shall be managed by an Office of Alumni Affairs staff member and eleven council members (President, President Elect, Past President and eight members at large). The Director of Alumni Affairs shall serve as an ex-officio member along with a representative from the Athenians, Alumni Board of Directors and a member of the Alumni Executive Committee.

The Young Alumni Advisory Council shall have regular quarterly meetings. Any council member missing two or more consecutive meetings will be deemed to have resigned.

Council members, chosen from submitted packets, shall be elected by a majority vote of currently active YAAC members.

Members shall serve a three year term or the remainder of a previous council member’s term.

When new members are needed, the YAAC president will appoint a nominating committee, composed of three (3) YAAC members, to review submitted packets. After the nominating committee has reviewed all completed packets and made their recommendations to the president, the president will introduce and recommend the election of new members to the council. A majority vote is required for the election of new members to the YAAC.

As part of the new member review process, the nominating committee will ensure (to the best of their ability) that the proposed new members reflect both the mission of the YAAC and the diversity of Athens State University.

The YAAC advisor will assist the president and nominating committee in locating, recruiting, and selecting new members to the council in conjunction with the Director of Alumni Affairs.

Each member will make an annual contribution of $25 to support the operations of the YAAC.

Officers and Duties
Once elected, each Officer will serve a 1 (one) year term unless otherwise determined by the council. Elections will occur at the end of each term (1 year), during the second (2nd) meeting of the year.

  • President: Conduct YAAC meetings and submit a quarterly written report to the Executive Committee followed by the Alumni Board of Directors.
  • President Elect: Perform duties of the President in their absence.
  • Past President: Perform duties of the President and President Elect in their absence.
  • Secretary: Perform duties of recording meeting minutes and distributing those to the council.