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Chickamauga 150 Countdown: The Winner, Part II

By Ron Fritze


This is excerpt two from a three-part article for the Chickamauga 150 Countdown:

In August 1862, Braxton Bragg and Edmund Kirby Smith launched an invasion of Kentucky. Their plan was to help Secessionists bring Kentucky into the Confederacy and make the Ohio River the northern border of the new nation. On 8 October 1862, units of the Union and Confederate armies fought a battle at Perryville. Bragg was under the misapprehension that he was fighting an isolated segment of the Union forces. Confederate forces attacked and drove back the Union troops. By the end of the day, however, Bragg realized that the entire numerically superior Northern Army of Don Carlos Buell was nearby and rapidly reinforcing their comrades at Perryville. So Bragg broke off the engagement and retreated, or as he put it, withdrew into Tennessee. His action dismayed Kirby Smith along with the other Confederate generals Leonidas Polk and William J. Hardee and they wrote to Jefferson Davis asking him to remove Bragg from command. Davis refused but Bragg’s relationship with his subordinate generals was in tatters.