A University Tradition – A Family Tradition

By Tena Bullington


Please note that this blog article preludes the Founders Queen and Court ceremony on October 22 at 6:00pm in the Parlor of Founders Hall.

Founders Queen and Court is an historic event that has taken place at Athens State University for over fifty years. These honors have been bestowed upon women exemplifying Athens State’s mission and as those chosen are voted upon by their student peers it is truly an honor.

The crowning of the Queen and her Court is a well-established tradition continuing since Athens State’s days as a woman’s college. Numerous University Presidents have had the honor of crowning a Queen and greeting her Court to begin their reign.

At an evening ceremony each October in the beautiful historic Founders Hall Parlor, the court will be recognized and a Queen will be crowned. Traditionally, each member of the court will be presented with a bouquet of flowers and then, drum role…….. “The Queen is……“ With that, someone will begin her reign.

The Student Activities Office manages the event and distributes applications to those who qualify. The court is voted on by the entire student body, and five young ladies with the most votes are on the court. The announcement of the Queen is kept a secret until the actual crowning ceremony.

This year, one contestant was extremely anxious to complete her application in order to carry on a family tradition. Her mother was crowned Founders Queen when she attended Athens State University.

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