Books, Brews, and Much, Much More!

By Robert Burkhardt


Come in and make yourself at home…literally, at the Athens State University Library’s Learning Commons area.  We have new comfy seating that can be rearranged to suit a study group of one or more.  Don’t want to sit at one of our desktop stations for PCs or Macs?  Not a problem.  Students and employees can check out a laptop for use in the building.  You can relax and prop up your feet while researching or typing a paper. We have a self-serve kiosk for coffee, green tea, and hot chocolate for just $1.25 a cup.  The only traditional librarian-shushing that we will do is that we still ask that you silence your cell phone and field any calls outside of the building.  (The student next to you could be taking a timed exam….)  The first floor is low talking, and the second floor is designated as a quiet study area.

Feel like brainstorming or doodling?  We have portable whiteboards (erasers and markers are available at the Circulation Desk…just ask).  We also have round end tables with paper tops, so if you take notes on one, just tear the top sheet off and take it with you.  We also have charging stations.  We remodeled one of our two upstairs study rooms into a collaborative technology room.  Also, should you have a specific technology question, our Reference Desk is staffed with a librarian and an IT work study student.

Want to grab a drink and set up a makeshift “office” to work on a paper?  The Learning Commons is a perfect place for this as well—with research and writing staff nearby to answer all your questions.  One of our most fabulous features of the Learning Commons is the ability to get help from the start of a paper (or any writing project) until the end.  At the Reference Desk, a librarian is happy to help you find books and scholarly peer-reviewed articles on your topic.  And if we don’t have it, can help us find the closest library that does!  Next, you can make your way over to the Circulation Desk to check out any books.  Then, you can continue on to the Writing Center!  Just look for the HUGE sign on the wall!  The Writing Center is a place where you’ll get just-in-time feedback from writing “consultants”!  These writing consultations are free and can be used for academic papers, creative work, and even professional documents like resumes as you prepare for your next job! (See for specifics about the Writing Center.)

In conclusion, we’re here to serve you!  We want to make your stay at your Library pleasant and productive, and help you prepare for a successful future.    Come in and make yourself at home!

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  1. Guy McClure says:

    The Learning Commons is a great asset for the students.

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