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Chickamauga 150 Countdown: The Battle

By Ron Fritze


So what’s up with this Battle of Chickamauga? Well, it was one of the American Civil War’s major battles and the bloodiest battle fought in the Western theater of the war. Over 120,000 soldiers fought at Chickamauga. Scattered fighting occurred on 18 September 1863 followed by two days of all-out battle on 19 and 20 September. The Union army numbered 58,000 men under William Rosecrans while the Confederate army consisted of 66,000 men commanded by Braxton Bragg. It is a unique battle in that it was one of the few Civil War battles where the Southern army had numerical superiority. Also, as far as the events of the Western theater of the Civil War went, it was the only major victory for Southern forces in that theater of the war.