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Board of Trustees > By-Laws

Article 1 - The Corporation

The school heretofore established in Athens, Alabama, and previously known as Athens State College and now known as Athens State University, is and shall remain a body corporate under the corporate name of Athens State University, and by that name, and under the direction of a board of trustees, may sue and contract, acquire, and hold real and personal property, and have and exercise all the powers of a corporation established to be a state educational institution of higher learning and shall succeed to all the rights, privileges, emoluments, benefits, interests, and titles heretofore at any time vested in the institution in its respective names.

However, Athens State University is not authorized to acquire, be acquired, merge or consolidate with any university or college located more than 50 miles from its current campus. None of the powers, authority, or functions of the corporation provided for in the act shall be abated or impaired by this article except as noted above. Whenever the institution is referred to in the laws of Alabama, by any one of the respective names by which it has been known, the same shall be considered to refer to Athens State University.

The Preamble Article 5 - President of the University
Article 1 - The Corporation Article 6 - Collective Authority and Action
Article 2 - The Board of Trustees Article 7 - Amendments
Article 3 - Meetings of the Board Article 8 - Repeal
Article 4 - Officers and Organization of the Board

Approved and Adopted on October 12, 2012

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