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As the only institution in the state of Alabama primarily offering upper division educational services, Athens State University continues to enjoy the important and unique position that it has always occupied within the community—and is, indeed, one of the few upper division institutions in the United States. As Alabama’s oldest institution of higher education, founded by the citizens of Athens in 1822 for women, Athens was transferred in 1842 to the Tennessee Conference of the Methodist Church. In 1975 Athens was accepted by the Alabama State Board of Education into the Alabama Community College System making it a public institution. Athens State University was approved to offer coursework at the junior and senior level of difficulty, leading to the baccalaureate degree.

Section 16-60-110, Code of Alabama 1975, was amended in 2012 by Legislative Act No. 2012-497 to remove Athens State University from under the jurisdiction, supervision, and control of the State Board of Education and Department of Postsecondary Education. This legislation enabled the creation of the Board of Trustees of Athens State University which is to provide governance of the university. It also authorized the Code Commissioner to revise references to Athens State University in the Code of Alabama 1975, as appropriate, to reflect the status of the university under this act.

Athens State University provides affordable education in an environment which recognizes diversity in concert with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and of the Constitution of the United States, and which nurtures the discovery and application of knowledge. Located in northern Alabama, Athens State University acknowledges a commitment to primarily serve transfer students of the Alabama Community College System, as well as students from other accredited institutions of higher education, and working adult students. The university may provide onsite academic instruction on the campuses of those community colleges where the senior institution in whose service area or areas the community college is located is unable or unwilling to provide the onsite instruction. The University prepares students for professional careers, graduate school, lifelong learning, and enrichment. The University, through quality teaching, individual attention, and a varied course delivery system, assists students in the timely achievement of their professional and career goals. In addition, Athens State University offers programs of continuing education and community services that provide a variety of cultural and professional opportunities.

The Preamble Article 5 - President of the University
Article 1 - The Corporation Article 6 - Collective Authority and Action
Article 2 - The Board of Trustees Article 7 - Amendments
Article 3 - Meetings of the Board Article 8 - Repeal
Article 4 - Officers and Organization of the Board

Approved and Adopted on October 12, 2012

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