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This website has been created as a space for EH 303 students to develop throughout the Spring 2013 term in order to practice journalism: it is not currently accessible through the university's website. The final project of the course was designed by Dr. Tony Ricks to be a collaborative project culminating in a real, publicly viewable publication. The publication may be a website with various articles and links, or it may be a print document that can be found through this website (along with a brief description). For an example of a print document of journalistic quality that is largely created by college students, see Florida State's "Scroll, Scribe, & Screen" (English department newsletter). This newsletter can be found here. The FSU newsletter is certainly not a model we need to copy or follow, but it does provide some ideas. If, for example, a member of the class is particularly versed in Adobe Illustrator, and enjoys creating documents with this program, then a print publication of some kind may be the way to go. On the other hand, if someone is versed in web site design, we might go that route. Finally, the editor of the publication, in communication with Dr. Ricks, will play a large role in leadership for the publication and guiding class members through the completion of the project.

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