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The College of Education (COE) has established a conceptual framework for the preparation of teachers based upon a shared view of the role of education in preparing for the future. Our mission is to prepare educators who will continue to learn to be more effective teachers in an ever-changing world. With the understanding that rethinking the education of students is a major undertaking, requiring the development of a common vision, and recognizing that programs with a unified mission are more able to transmit that shared vision, especially to pre-service teachers, the faculty has selected the theme Educators for a Global Future. This theme represents viewpoints which are more fully articulated in a shared philosophy, outcomes, and professional dispositions.

In 2012, Athens State University became an autonomous public institution governed by a Board of Trustees. This presented an opportunity for the College of Education to review and revise the existing mission statement to more closely align with the new vision and goals mission of the university. Through a focus on continuous improvement and an effort to address diversity more fully within the program, the faculty in the COE reviewed the strengths and weaknesses of the existing mission statement and elected update it. The revised mission statement was finalized in 2013 and will be fully implemented with the spring 2015 semester.

The full mission statement may be viewed below.

Mission of the College

Athens State University, College of Education’s (COE) mission is to prepare teacher candidates to be reflective practitioners who are knowledgeable, collaborative professionals. They will have a rich knowledge of content with an understanding of how people learn in various ways combined with the ability to apply that knowledge to assure student success. Excellence in our candidates is demonstrated by the candidates embracing a student-centered learning approach, having a deep and rich understanding of disciplines and content knowledge, developing professional and pedagogical knowledge that strives for each student’s success, and engaging in a fully developed approach to social responsibility and leadership in the community. The ultimate goal is for each graduate of this program to be a reflective practitioner who has a multifaceted understanding of the art and science of teaching based on respected theory, demonstrates appropriate and in-depth use of the content of the discipline, uses action research in ongoing assessment and improvement of teaching and learning, and applies intentional best practices of pedagogy. Graduates of this program will be identified through their skillful commitment to the successful education of diverse learners in communities throughout Alabama, the United States, and the world.

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