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The North Alabama Connection: Professional Employment Day provides opportunities for employers to meet outstanding candidates for potential job openings. The NACPED consortium has worked together to provide this event for both employers, students and the community for over 25 years . Hundreds of qualified candidates with a broad range of college degrees and related experience will be available at this year’s event. Our goal is to provide business, industry, school systems, and government agencies the opportunity to promote their business while connecting and networking in a professional Career Fair environment.

Following is a partial list of the majors represented by students attending NACPED.

Accounting Acquisition and Contract Management
Allied Healthcare Arts
Automotive Technology Biology
Business Management Chemistry
Computer Science Culinary Arts
Education Electrical Engineering
Enterprise Systems Management Environmental Science
Finance Geographic Information Science (GIS)
Health and Wellness Management Human Resource Management
HVAC Industrial Hygiene
Industrial Maintenance Liberal Arts
Logistics and Supply Chain Management Business Management
Machine Tool Marketing
Mathematics Mechanical Engineering
Physics Social Sciences
Various Technologies Welding Technology



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