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Student Information

February 20, 2013
At the Von Braun Center (VBC) - South Hall Ballroom
Huntsville, AL
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Need-to-Know Info.

  • Parking for all students & employers will be in the area underneath South Hall. Cost is $5.00
  • Location for event will be in the South Hall.
  • Enter the exhibit hall. Go directly to the WAITING AREA to sign in at your college's table, get your nametag, and further instructions.
  • Be sure to arrive early enough (20-30 minutes) to allow time for check-in.
  • You will be responsible for your own lunch. The concession stand at the Von Braun Center WILL be open.
  • DON'T FORGET your additional résumés to distribute to other companies/school systems in the display area that may not be on original list.
  • Research the companies and school systems you plan on talking with.
  • Prepare a verbal summary of your background, achievements, and career interests so you won't be fumbling for words at the wrong time.
  • Know what you are going to ask. Try to have one or two questions in mind for each employer. The questions should reflect the research you have done on the employer and on your interest.
  • Dress the part. First impressions are critical so dress in conservative, professional tailored, well-pressed clothing. How you look will play a big part in whether or not the employer will be interested in you.
  • Arrive early and plan to stay late. Get there before the event begins to check in with your college representative. Then, as soon as the job fair begins, head right for your favorite employer. Make sure he/she knows their company is #1 on your list. Follow through with other employers as you like.
  • If any employer has a long line, don't waste your time waiting. Go to your next choice and then go back until you have visited all of the employers on your list.
  • Take the right things with you. Take along a supply of résumés. They are important even with companies/school systems to whom you submitted résumés ahead of time. Also, bring a list of references. (If you give out references, be sure to contact those people on your list immediately after the fair to let them know they may be hearing from XYZ Company/School System.) Also, carry a professional pen, note pad, paper clips, etc.
  • Learn what's going to happen next. With each employer you are interested in, learn what will happen next and what, if anything, you can do to schedule a formal interview or advance your candidacy.

Employer Expectations: Top seven mistakes candidates make (as reported by employers):

  1. Lacking focus and not knowing what type of position to look for...Admitting, "I'll take anything" or answering, "I don't know" when asked about your interests.
  2. Not dressing neatly or professionally.
  3. Not bringing a résumé.
  4. Lacking knowledge of a company and/or confusing the company with a competitor.
  5. Lacking enthusiasm or interest in the company or job opportunities.
  6. Asking about salary.
  7. Not asking any questions, asking inappropriate questions, and having a poor or unprofessional attitude.

Other mistakes: grabbing free stuff, not making eye contact, lacking communication skills, not being willing to relocate, not bringing anything to write with or on, giving a weak handshake, and not taking time to fill out an application.