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Student Financial Aid > Types of Aid > Receiving Aid at Athens State University Centers
University Center Aid

Students pursuing their degree through any of our University Center Sites are eligible for Financial Aid under the same terms and conditions as any other Athens State University Student.

Students must apply for Federal aid annually and may use the online application process at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

Federal Regulations prohibit federal aid from being paid to a student at more than one school for the same period of time. Please Note these Special Arrangements for dual enrolled students at any of our University Center sites: Currently Athens State has Financial Aid agreements with our schools sponsoring a university center. The dual enrollment agreements outline how the schools will coordinate the payment of federal financial aid to students and allow the hours at both institutions to be counted. In this way, the schools can meet the federal requirement that students may not be paid aid at two schools for the same enrollment or payment period.

Each dual enrolled financial aid student must contact the financial aid office at the institution where their aid is currently being paid and request the hours at both institutions be considered for financial aid eligibility calculations. The student must work with the financial aid offices at both institutions to coordinate aid payments so that no student is paid by two schools for the same term. The agreements with each institution involve manual intervention with each institution's computer system, patience and coordination with the financial aid offices involved.

As always, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that all fees are paid to each institution by that institution's required payment deadline. The institutions do not forward payments on behalf of the students involved in a dual enrollment arrangement.

Example: Student Smith is attending WSCC-SELMA and is taking 9 hours in his final semester of attendance there. Student Smith is planning to transfer to Athens State University the following semester, but notices that Athens State University is offering a course that meets his degree requirements at the WSCC-SELMA site in the current semester. Student Smith knows he has some unused Pell (Financial Aid) eligibility at WSCC-SELMA this semester and would like to take advantage of it if possible.

Student Smith should:
1) contact the Student Financial Aid office at WSCC-SELMA to confirm his unused funding and communicate his desire to have the additional hours included in his eligibility calculation for the current semester at WSCC-SELMA;

2) contact the Student Financial Aid office as Athens State and request that his hours of enrollment with Athens State be communicated to WSCC-SELMA financial aid office along with the certification that Athens State will not pay any financial aid to Student Smith in the current semester;

3) Arrange to pay Athens State for the enrolled hours at Athens State by the tuition payment date for Athens State.

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