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Fonts and Typeface
Using proper typography standards are an important part of branding the University’s identity. Bringing consistency to documents and other media helps unify the brand by defining font and character styles, sizes and their applications. The primary typeface for the Athens State identity is Bauer Text Initials. This typeface imitates a Greek style which compliments the design of the ionic capital that forms the top of each of the four famous Corinthian columns which adorn the front of Founders Hall, and which is represented in the University logo.

Core Typeface
Two typefaces are used in the Athens State logo. The Bauer Text Initial typeface is used for the Athens State text and Futura is used to spell University. Bauer Text Initials can be used for headlines and the second character should be approximately 3/4 the size of the first character in the headline and justified to the bottom. Futura should be used whenever a non-serif font is needed.

Secondary Typefaces
The Garamond or Adobe Garamond typefaces should be used in the body of print pieces where a serif font is preferred. Futura should be used when a clean, easy to read font is desired. Trajan Pro can be used to substitue for Bauer in the body text of print collateral. For web applications Lucida should be the typeface used.


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