Resources for Business Research

Business research can involve many facets. You might need information on some aspect of business or management, financial information, information on a particular company, or information about an industry. You might need articles, financial information, names of business leaders or corporate officers, sales rankings, or new product information.

The Athens State library has many resources that can help with your research. For more details, select the type of resource or information that you are interested in from the choices below.

Books Books for general information on a topic, such as management, doing business in a foreign country, business law, entrepreneurship, etc.
Articles Articles in popular, scholarly, or trade periodicals or newspapers, for information on current topics, business issues, new products, etc.
Reference Sources Reference Sources including dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, statistical data, bibliographies, stock reports, company overviews, legal and tax decisions, etc.
Company Data Company Data including corporate directories, financial statements, annual reports, rankings, and profiles.
Industry Information Industry Information for comprehensive analyses of particular industries.

Question Mark The information we will discuss here is specific to business research. General instructions on using the online catalog, indexes, and web resources, evaluating information, and writing a paper will be found in the Library Skills Tutorial. Links to relevant parts of the tutorial will be marked by the question mark icon.

Online and Print Business information is available in both traditional print and electronic (online) formats. The library subscribes to several reputable services which provide excellent sources of business information. Information from these sources can be trusted as accurate and reliable. Additional information is available through the Web, but must be carefully evaluated for accuracy, currency, and objectivity. Question Mark

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