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Annual Giving

Alumni and friends are asked to donate to the Annual Fund Campaign each year. Gifts are needed to fully fund the annual expenses of the University. Athens State University’s budgeted expenditures for 2010-2011 are approximately $60,848,000 which includes salaries, operations and maintenance, construction for capital projects and debt service, institutional scholarships, and numerous purchases of goods and services that support our academic programs. The university operates with a balanced budget and relies primarily on four principal funding sources to operate its programs – tuition and fees; auxiliary enterprises; state appropriations and government grants; and annual charitable gifts.

In 2008, the university’s state appropriations budget was $15.1 million, and this year’s state appropriation is only $11.1 million, almost a 27% decline in funding in less than three years. The state is also considering another 5% cut in proration this year. The Annual Fund is an unrestricted campaign conducted by the University and these gifts permit flexibility in their use and can be directed to programs and projects that have the greatest need. For information about the Annual Fund, please contact the University Advancement Office at 256.233.8215 or:

Trish Di Lullo
Director, Alumni Affairs and Annual Fund
Office: 256-233-8184
Fax: 256-233-8189